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Copyright Guidance Notes

These twelve Notes explore copyright issues commonly encountered in digitisation projects, and are designed for use by cultural heritage institutions. Written by specialists in copyright and archives, they should be regarded as guidance and not legal advice. They are designed for users in the UK.

The Notes should be accessible for those without a law background, but contain legal references to give them enough weight to be of use at all levels of decision making. Each document provides a legislative context and outlines practical implications, including examples from the Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks.

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  1. Copyright in titles and newspaper headlines
  2. Copyright in the typographical arrangement of published editions
  3. Copyright in pseudonymous and anonymous works
  4. Copyright in newspaper articles
  5. Copyright in photographs: Duration
  6. Copyright in photographs: Ownership
  7. Using insubstantial parts of a copyright protected work
  8. Copyright across borders
  9. Moral Rights: Attribution
  10. Moral Rights: False attribution
  11. Moral rights: Integrity
  12. Moral rights: The right to privacy in certain photographs and films

All Copyright Guidance Notes as one document (a CREATe Working paper)

Download 1st Version of Guidance Notes

Other Resources

The Project’s Working Paper brings together sections from this website: the introduction and ‘About’ section with the sections on risk, diligence, the legal situation surrounding orphan works and the project’s conclusion.

Project Working Paper

Joint Article (a CREATe Working Paper)

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